Service Bulletin

Sunday, October 2, 2022 at 10:15 a.m. Church Gathering with Dr. Keith Ray

Today’s service has THREE choices.  You may view the Live Stream on Facebook at this link:, hear it in the church parking lot at 107.1 FM, or join us in person inside (masking voluntary). 

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Gathering Music                    Francesca Strathern, Harp

Welcome and Announcements       Laurie Gentry

Prelude ”Blessed Assurance”                     Francesca Strathern, Harp

By Phoebe Knapp; Arranged by Rhett Barnwell

Celebration of and Welcome to Our New Ministry Leader       Laurie Gentry

 Ed Yokley, Rob Gentry, Drew Whitley, Keith Ray

Opening/Offertory Hymn “Here in This Place: Gather Us In”       Hymnal #401

          Words and Music by Marty Haugen

1)  Here in this place the new light is streaming; now is the darkness vanished away;

     see in this space our fears and our dreamings brought here to you in the light of this day.

     Gather us in, the lost and forsaken; gather us in, the blind and the lame;

     call to us now, and we shall awaken; we shall arise at the sound of our name.

2)  We are the young, our lives are a mystery.  We are the old who yearn for your face.

     We have been sung throughout all of history, called to be light to the whole human race.

     Gather us in, the rich and the haughty; gather us in, the proud and the strong;

     give us a heart, so meek and so lowly; give us the courage to enter the song.

3)  Here we will take the wine and the water; here we will take the bread of new birth.

     Here you shall call your sons and your daughters, call us anew to be salt for the earth.

     Give us to drink the wine of compassion; give us to eat the bread that is you;

     nourish us well, and teach us to fashion lives that are holy and hearts that are true.

4)  Not in the dark of buildings confining, not in some heaven, light years away:

     here is this place the new light is shining; now is the kingdom, and now is the day.

     Gather us in and hold us forever;  gather us in and make us your own;

     gather us in all peoples together, fire of love in our flesh and our bone.

Scripture Reading       2 Timothy 1:1-14          

Message         “Guarding the Treasure Entrusted to Us”                  Dr. Keith Ray

Sermon theme: As we begin a new chapter of ministry at North Anderson Community Church,

Presbyterian, we are entrusted with a joyous and serious task:

the embodiment of the love, especially for those who have been

disappointed or disillusioned by traditional religion. Thanks be to God!

Closing Hymn         “Bim Bom”                                  Handout

Music is Traditional Hebrew; Arranged by Jim Strathdee

Bim bom, bim bim bim bom, bim  bim bim bim bim bom.

Bim bom, bim bim bim bom, bim  bim bim bim bim bom.

Shabat shalom, (clap)  shabat shalom, (clap)  shabat, shabat, shabat, shabat shalom. (clap)

Shabat shalom, (clap)  shabat shalom, (clap)  shabat, shabat, shabat, shabat shalom. (clap)

Shabat, shabat, shabat, shabat shalom.  Shabat, shabat, shabat, shabat shalom.

Shabat shalom, (clap)  shabat shalom, (clap)  shabat, shabat, shabat, shabat shalom. (clap)

Prayer Concerns and Joys                                  Laurie Gentry                   

Benediction                                           Dr. Keith Ray


Shalom (Song of Peace)

Before we sing, we reflect, what does “Shalom” mean?  “Shalom” is taken from the root Hebrew word shalam*, which means to be safe in mind, body or estate.  It refers to an inward sense of completeness, fullness or a type of wholeness that encourages one to give generously, lavishly.  When we say or sing “Shalom”, we are literally saying, “I sincerely wish and hope you will abound in well-being and flourish in peace and all good things good and true.

*Related to Arabic salima  “was safe”, aslama “surrendered, submitted.”

Shalom, my friends, Shalom, my friends. Shalom, Shalom.

Till we meet again, till we meet again, Shalom, Shalom.


Please join us for our Potluck Lunch after worship service.  

Plan to get your picture made for the new church directory.


Calendar of Service

October 9 - Dr. Keith Ray  (Blessing of the Animals)  Woods stage

October 16 - TBD

October 23 - South Main Chapel and Mercy Center meal (Serving TBD)

October 30 - TBD

Service locations will alternate between the sanctuary on 1st and 3rd Sundays, and our woods stage on 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays as long as the weather permits. Please bring a chair if you have one.  Transportation available into the woods area for anyone who feels unsteady on the path.


Market Theatre Dates to put in your calendar —

Thursday, October 6 at the Bleckley Station.  Arts for All Gala.  Join in for an evening to savor, celebrate, and support the arts!   Go to and click on Tickets.

October 27- November 14    “Rent”   Drew Whitley plays Tom Collins, Thor Raines is part of the ensemble, and Rosie Thompson is the Assistant Stage Manager.  Go to and click on Tickets.  These seats will sell out quickly!


Bible Study Resumes

Was there really a time when snakes could talk?  Did God create the world in six days- or one day?  Were humans created early or late in the creation process?  Did the “mark of Cain” demonstrate God’s displeasure?  Was there a time when giants who were half-human and half-god (Nephilim) roamed the earth? Did Noah take only two of each animal on the ark?  Is it possible to rain 211 inches PER HOUR for 40 straight days?  Was there a time when everyone on earth spoke the same language?  Was it once okay to marry your niece- or your sister?  How about having sex with your father?  I’m just getting started.  This and much more will be covered in our Bible Study, on Mondays at 6:00.  It’s not too late to join us. If interested, contact me, David Johnson ( or Cynthia Warner ( to be added to the email list.


Blessing of the Animals will happen on Sunday, October 9.  In addition to bringing your fur babies, please help bless PAWS by contributing some pet items. Thank you!

Cat/Kitten Food (canned & dry) Dog toys

Dog/Puppy Food (canned & dry) Food Puzzles/Slow Feeders

Towels Cat toys

Large Kong toys Dog Treats/ Cat Treats

Newspapers NylaBones

Dish Detergent Blankets

Amazon Wishlist/Registry: Anderson County PAWS SC Foster and Shelter Wishlist


Keenagers trip to Chattooga Belle Farms in Long Creek is set for Wed., October 19.  There will be side tours to Ramsey Creek Preserve natural cemetery and Chau Ram County Park.  Meet at the church at 11:00 AM to carpool.


Memorial Ecosystems, Inc., formed Ramsey Creek Preserve in 1996, the first green cemetery in the United States.


Remember in prayer: Bruce Kalley and family; Bonnie Marsden and family; Tim and Michael Little-Bell and family; Linda McFall; Mike Johnston; Shea Marsden; Taylor Bishop (Whitney’s niece); Jason Harding; Steve Hallowell; Pat Weddle; Glenn Burns; Jackie Moore; Whitney Bishop; Latha and Cheryl Semones; Immigrant families; Victims of all violence, oppression, and injustice; Victims of COVID-19; People of Ukraine.