Service Bulletin

Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 10:15 a.m. Church Gathering with Dr. Keith Ray

Today’s service may be viewed on Facebook Live Stream at this link: , hear it in the church parking lot at 107.1 FM, or join us in person. 

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Gathering Music                 Polly Dunford

Welcome and Announcements Chris Criswell

Call to Worship

One: As the sun climbs from the horizon

Many: God’s presence endures with us.

One: As the clouds mask the sun’s warming presence,

Many: God’s presence remains with us.

One: As the sun drifts back to the horizon,

Many: God’s presence lingers with us.

One: As light rests until morning,

Many: God’s presence persists with us.

Opening Hymn       “I Am the Light of the World”        Handout

        Words and Music by Jim Strathdee

Refrain:  I am the light of the world!  You people come and follow me!

If you follow and love you’ll learn the mystery of what you were meant to do and be.

1)  When the song of the angels is stilled, when the star in the sky is gone,

when the kings and the shepherds have found their way home,

the work of Christmas is begun: Refrain

2)  To find the lost and lonely one, to heal the broken soul with love,

to feed the hungry children with warmth and good food,

to feel the earth below the sky above! Refrain

3)  To free the pris’ner from all chains, to make the powerful care,

to rebuild the nations with strength of good will,

to see God’s children ev’ry where! Refrain  

4)  To bring hope to ev’ry task you do, to dance at a baby’s new birth,

to make music in an old person’s heart,

and sing to the colors of the earth! Refrain

Special Music  “The Angel Song”         Kristin Cascio, soloist

Scripture Lesson Matthew 2:1-12

Sermon   “The ‘AhHah’ of Epiphany” Dr. Keith Ray

Theme: What pulled the magi to find the child Jesus?

What pulls us toward new visions and dreams for our world?  We, too, are on a journey, bringing our gifts, large and small, so as to be a part of God’s dream for this world.

Celebrating the Day with Epiphany Stars

Communion Invitation to the Table

The Great Thanksgiving

The Breaking of the Bread

Prayer after Communion

Prayers of the People

Closing Hymn/ Offertory         Handout

  “Now the Star of Christmas (Three Faiths Epiphany Carol)”

Words by Shirley Erena Murray and music by Jim Strathdee. The tune is Becker.

1)  Now the star of Christmas shines into our day,

points a new direction: change is on the way —

there’s another landscape to be travelled through,

there’s a newborn spirit broadening our view.

2)  When the Christ of Christmas speaks to heart and mind,

clears the clouded vision hurting humankind,

kindred spirits gather, drawn toward the light,

sharing revelation, joyful at the sight.

3)  If we choose to follow, we may yet be wise:

where the three kings travel, three great faiths arise:

Jesus Christ for Christians, Jesus, Judah’s son,

Prophet for the Muslim, truth within each one.

4)  Where the star enlightens, light is shared around.

God has drawn no borders, faith sees common ground:

Peace the hopeful journey, justice without bar,

God’s illumination from the Christmas star.



Shalom   (“May you be well and whole and in communion with all creation.”)

                          Shalom, my friends, Shalom, my friends, Shalom, Shalom.

                            Till we meet again, Till we meet again, Shalom, Shalom.


Congregational Meeting

There will be a congregational meeting immediately following this morning’s worship service for the purpose of electing new Elders and presenting a financial report for NACCP.


Please join us for our 1st Sunday Potluck meal after worship service.

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Calendar of Service  

January 15 - Lucy Youngblood; Installation of new Elders

January 22 - Keith Ray

January 29 - Keith Ray


Upcoming Red Cross Blood Drive - Those of you able to give blood, please put Thursday, January 19, from 1-6 PM.  Go to to register. Click on “Give Blood”, then “Find a Blood Drive” and type in 29621 to go to the NACCP location.  Thanks for making a donation.


Anderson Forum for Progressive Theology is presenting a Zoom Only event on February 12, 2023, at 3:00-4:15 PM.  Rev. Traci D. Blackmon, RN, MDiv will be the speaker.  Click here to register .

Rev. Traci Blackmon, Associate General Minister of Justice and Local Church Ministries of the UCC.  She is the former senior pastor of Christ the King United Church of Christ, Florissant, Missouri and the leading voice of frontline spiritual leaders influential in leading prayer vigils and engaging in peaceful protests during the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the murder of Michael Brown in 2014.


Remember in prayer: Violet Taylor (Kristin Cascio’s granddaughter); Glennie Burns; Bonnie Marsden; Mary Alice Mundy; Tawny Booth (friend of Vicki Conrad-Wright); Sharon Fowler; Jason Harding; Tim and Michael Little-Bell and family; Linda McFall; Mike Johnston; Whitney and Taylor Bishop (Whitney’s niece); Steve Hallowell; Pat Weddle; Jackie Moore;; Latha and Cheryl Semones; Immigrant families; Victims of all violence, oppression, and injustice; People of Ukraine.